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Earn Money Using Real Twitter Followers And Retweets!!

Real Twitter Followers

Earn Money Using Real Twitter Followers And Retweets!!

One of the most common questions we get is how to buy real twitter followers. Now, we don’t pretend to be the best expert in Twitter in the world, but our experience has never betrayed us and we have never faced a follower crisis in these many years. We have picked up a few things that we think will be helpful to you and you would want to know about how to increase your Twitter following.

How To Get Followers On Twitter And Retweets?

The first tip is to “Always use all 140 characters” available to you. Don’t let any go to waste. Even if your tweet is only going to be a couple words long, fill the rest up with hashtags. Remember, the more hashtags you use, the more trendy you will appear to people looking at your page. The next tip is to “Pretend to quit YouTube & Twitter” Just delete all your tweets, put a blank profile page, say that you’re done, and then of course, everyone is going to start following you to see if you ever come back at some point. And then, later on of course, after a few days perhaps, you would come back yourself and have much more followers to boot.

The next tip is to “Always use all caps” Twitter these days is very competitive, and you need your tweets to stand out. Your tweets are going to be shuffled among hundreds of other tweets and people’s timelines, so using all captials in all your tweets is a great way to get noticed amongst the others. Next you want to tweet to the official @Twitter account, and request that they follow you and retweet for extra exposure for yourself. Believe us, Twitter loves getting these types of request it shows that you’re passionate and enthusiastic about the Twitter platform and often times they’ll retweet you giving lots of exposure.

Another tip is to never worry about posting original content, just retweet others and you can get credit for it, even though you didn’t have to do all that unnecessary work. Another important tip is to get a working computer, If you’re using that old, 5 year old slow computer to tweet, your account is going to suffer. You want a fast computer so that you can tweet immediately after you have a good idea. Otherwise, if you have a slow computer, it’s going to cost you precious seconds so you’re followers aren’t going to know what you are thinking at the exact moment. And really you just CAN’T afford to have that happen.

We’re almost done, but the next thing you want to do is ask all your friends and family to follow your Twitter account. You can have little business cards printed up with your Twitter handle on it, and just hand them out to everyone you meet, asking them to follow you on Twitter. If someone doesn’t follow you at first, just keep going back to them and asking why they haven’t followed you on Twitter yet. And don’t take no for an answer. your friends, believe me, are going to appreciate your enthusiasm. And finally, the most important tip if you want to get Twitter followers, is to make a YouTube video about how to buy real twitter followers, and then plug your own Twitter account, so that people know to follow it.

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